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Clients Agree

"You are a knowledgeable, dynamics professional and pleasure to work with, I appreciate and value your patience and flexibility. Your ability to help various departments and people (from marketing to salespeople) also provides tremendous value. You are a true team player."

Marshall Cooper, Executive Vice President, Kennedy Information

"I would rank George as one of the most talented copywriters with whom I have worked."

Dan Houder, VP Marketing, Kennedy Information

"Your dm piece has been our most successful ever! We consistently generate response rates of 6 to 12 percent across a wide variety of different lists. Thanks for the great work and I will certainly be in touch on our next project"

Turning Point Software

"The School Director ad you created is working wonders!"

PC Age

"Your package really looks great! You actually made sense out of a lot of nothing!"

Miller-Freeman Publishing

"The brochure you produced for us has been one of our most successful pieces ever. It stimulates sales and answers all inquiries beautifully. I often get compliments from users and requests for additional copies from dealers."

Great American Software

"Again, many thanks for doing such a great job on the package -- we couldn't be more pleased. You really communicated the excitement and enthusiasm we all have for this product."

Sports Illustrated for Kids

"With your assistance, Epsilon's creative product has greatly improved over the past year. You've helped us produce high quality work even under the pressure of short lead times."


"Your package is outpulling the control by almost 60%! All your work is first rate. Creative copy, brilliant design, and most of all, highly effective. A real pro!"

Sheet Music Magazine

"Best direct mail we've done."

Texas Instruments

"Results were great! Some 16 new accounts and untold new business from existing accounts. We gained approximately 12% in sales overall."

Central Letter Shop

"Thank you for the excellent work you have done for us during the past several months. "Your package is a huge improvement over our previous package ...outpulling the control by 15%!"

Sloan Management Review

More Testimonials to George Duncan's Expertise:

"To: George Duncan
Subject: Your awesome book!
I just finished reading your Streetwise Direct Marketing book. Why, oh why, didn’t they cover any of this in business school? We are buying copies for all our key employees."

"It’s a GREAT book – Thanks so much."

Becky Minard VP Marketing, SmarPak Equine LLC

"TO: George Duncan
WOW!! When I ran across your direct marketing articles on the net I felt like a miner who had struck solid gold. I have subscribed to a very expensive direct marketing newsletter that promised to teach me how to be a better copywriter that promised steak but only produced the sizzle. Your material is solid Grade A beef. Thank you!"

Sharon Kuhn

"Hi George:
Your articles are easily the most rigorous, well-reasoned and intelligent available on the Internet on the subject of direct marketing. It's clear that you write from ample experience on the front lines. In fact, I get the sense that you've probably forgotten more about direct marketing than your competitors will ever know. Thanks again for your help with our campaign!"

Brandon Toropov, senior Writer, DEI Management Group, New York, NY

"Very nicely done. I've always been a fan of your work, and this Web site continues the tradition of George Duncan stuff I admire."

Bob Bly (Bob is a celebrated dm writer, author and lecturer.)

"Thank you George Duncan!
Just a short note to let you know:
(1) I read several articles of yours on the Internet about direct mail and tried to follow your directions as closely as possible.
(2) I wrote a 4-page "self-mailer" targeted to professional massage therapists.
(3) We tested several different versions.
(4) We rolled it out gradually: 1,000 pieces…2,000…5,000…7,000.
(5) We sent a color version of the best performing letter to 50,000 (a big commitment for us) and the results are coming in just like the earlier tests: a response rate of approx. 3%. (6)We're thrilled! And I want to thank you for sharing your good knowledge on the Web."

Sincerely, Richard Gelb Looking Glass Home Video

"Hi George: I'm new to DM, working in a large agency in Bahrain (Middle East) at the moment. I have found your articles very helpful and also interesting and sometimes humorous! Great stuff…keep it up -- please!"


"I discovered your website today. My compliments. You give a lot of information. I have my own direct marketing company in Holland and it is getting more fun every day. Thanks!"

Sandra Schouten Direct Effect, Holland

"Dear George: I have gotten a lot out of your website, I printed a good portion of it and made myself a research magazine for my own use. Thank you"

Marcus Osterhout Picture Perfect Mortgage

"Mr. Duncan: Thanks for posting so many great articles! I have a very small mail order business catering to archers for recreational target shooting and hunting. You article on testimonials was just what I needed. I've sent a letter out to past customers and am developing a testimonial letter to go along with sales information. Your articles on features/benefits really stretched by mind in developing offers and copywriting. Thanks again!"


"Mr. Duncan: I have read your articles at duncandirect.com, and they are very good. I am currently Art Director for a small mail order company. However, on July 20 I will begin working at Levenger as technical/copy writer and I was looking for a site to point my current employer so that he might be able to keep up with the rest of the DM world. Your articles are perfect for that."

Thank you. Eric Chism

"Dear Mr. Duncan: "What a classic and well-conceived treatment on direct response marketing you wrote! I have already made several of the mistakes that you pointed out in your article on the world wide web."

Ed Keck EGK Systems

"To: Mr. George Duncan I was searching for some articles on database marketing over the Net. By chance, I found your article with the headline "Database Marketing - the Camel in the Dark". I would like to tell you that I found your article very useful. I am working in an interactive marketing services company based in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the concepts of database marketing, relationship marketing and customer retention/loyalty are quite new to the Turkish market, I am trying follow the foreign developments. I bookmarked your page and will look from time to time for new additional information."

Sincerely, Gulay Evren

"Hello, The articles on direct Marketing are interesting and useful, I often browse them, and recommend the site to many people in the Australian direct marketing community."

Tom Flanagan Managing Director DataTools Pty, Ltd.

"TO: George Duncan FROM: Edward McLean Your piece on direct mail design in the January issue of Fred Goss' What's Working newsletter is excellent."

Ed McLean Direct Marketing

"Dear Mr. Duncan: Read 'Designer,' 'Clarity' pieces with enjoyment and profit."

Best wishes, Clark Irwin Central Maine Power Company

"George, Your 'Anatomy of a Direct Mail Letter' is one of the most cogent and immediately useful articles on the subject I have ever read."

Kelly Dueck Circulation Manager Farm Business Communications Winnipeg, Canada

"George: I have read all of your articles over the months and I've enjoyed them all. thank you. I own a direct marketing agency in Montreal and refer to US magazines, books and the DMA for trends to bring up north."

Don Baker

Plus More Testimonials for George and His Book, Streetwise Direct Marketing!

"George Duncan's breakthrough book is a master's course in direct marketing. It's packed with e-commerce brilliance and effective classic techniques that make it a MUST-have book for every small or large business!"

Don Libey, President Libey Incorporated Consultants and Advisors to CEOs of Direct Marketing Companies

"George is a no nonsense direct marketing professional who is not just talking the talk, he has walked the walk. He provides "go do" directions that produce results. You really can take what George says to the bank, if you follow his approaches. Common sense and real-world judgment are built into every strategy and tactic George provides. You don't need to be a professional marketer to implement what George provides, but you do need to want to make money. I have known George for years and always delight in the time we spend taking shop. His insights and his ability to cut to the heart of direct marketing challenges are enlightening. I will keep a copy of this text to use as a baseline for direct marketing information."

Tracy Emerick, Ph.D. Managing Consultant RMI, Inc.
861 Lafayette Rd #6 PO Box 1620 Hampton, NH 03842 603-926-6233 ext. 100

"Contrary to popular myth--and all the Fast Eddies who want to become zillionaires via Internet IPOs--direct mail is still the workhorse of direct marketing. Call it the tortoise of direct marketing, because it is consistently the winning medium. It was George Duncan who said, "Direct mail is theater in print!" And his work over the years for a wide variety of clients has been SRO. George knows the rules—how and when to follow them and how and when to break them. This book should be memorized cover-to-cover by every direct marketer before spending one more penny on postage."

Denny Hatch, DM Consultant, Founder of Who's Mailing What and former editor of Target Marketing magazine.

"George Duncan's new book, Streetwise Direct Marketing, is perfect for showing small businesses and people relatively new to direct marketing how to profitably utilize the best aspects of today's direct marketing technique. George's book will show how to best use both time-honored and some new methods for maximizing the effectiveness of direct marketing dollars spent. It's a must for those interested in acquiring, retaining and increasing one's customer base--especially if the person is relatively new to the field and/or as limited resources. George has the practical experience and in-depth knowledge which will help show you how to make the most of your investment in direct marketing."

Bob Kesner, President Evergreen Direct, Inc.

"George Duncan's book has a way of cutting directly through direct marketing theory and providing tools the small business owner can use." "His method of instruction requires only that the reader be eager to learn - no special skills or previous training are needed. Clear explanations, avoidance of 'pie-in-the-sky' theory and tons of practical advice make this book not just a good read, it's a tool the marketer can put to good use tomorrow morning at 9:00 am." "Streetwise Direct Marketing is not only a book that you'll want to read and keep on your bookshelf, you'll want to keep it handy on your desk for reference."

Gary Cloutier, Regional Manager, Small Business Development Center, Keene, New Hampshire

"Finally, information you can really use from one of the industry's best! I've attended many a seminar in the hopes over uncovering the kind of information that George Duncan reveals here. Whether you're a direct marketing copywriter or in the job of determining and evaluating the approach - this book is for you! I know I'll turn to it every time I start a direct mail campaign."

Mike Poplardo Circulation Director Miller Freeman, Inc.

"Streetwise Direct Marketing provides solid, take-it-to-the-bank advice. There's at least $250,000 in revenue I'll make from the lessons in this book. If you're responsible for generating revenue -- READ THIS BOOK! Packed with results-oriented, revenue-generating tactics to improve your marketing today."

Marshall Cooper Executive Vice President Kennedy Information, LLC

"George’s book is like attending a one-on-one seminar with a top pro. It’s packed with no-nonsense, cut-the-hype how-to’s that tell you not just what to do, but why!"

Susan Berkley Owner, Berkley Productions, Inc.