Create effective sales letters

There are two kinds of sales letters: letters designed to sell a product or service directly by means of an order form, phone call or Web site, and letters designed to get a qualified “lead.” To get a prospect to raise their hand and say, in effect, “I have an interest in your product or service.” The latter is used when a product or service is too complex or too costly to sell directly, may require a group decision, and must be explained and sold by a salesperson.

The direct sales letter relies most heavily on copy and design to accomplish its task, and must have a viable product offer. The lead generation or indirect sales letter relies most heavily on the offer and may barely mention the ultimate product.

Write in second person throughout - you, you, you -- and use words of one syllable as much as possible. Assume the person you're writing to is distracted, and trying to extract the key information he needs, often by just scanning your letter. This is why we use subheads...bulleted listings...and...ellipses. Edit out unnecessary words and phrases and "write like you talk," assuming you can talk like a successful salesman. Clarity is more important than literary merit. The ability to sell is more important than the ability to write.

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