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SUBJECT: Memory Joggers now online

At last --
Everyone in your organization can have instant access to
GOAL/QPC’s wide range of process improvement tools
right from their desktop, as Goal/QPC’s Memory Jogger® Library
goes online.

Get all your managers, team leaders and key players on the same page for training,
for project planning, for individual instruction and more with
subscriptions to the Memory Jogger E-Library at just $79 each.

Imagine the learning power your teams will have at their fingertips with every page, every chart in the GOAL/QPC Memory Jogger E-Library of 11 best-selling Joggers

Team Memory Jogger                                     The Memory Jogger II  
The Six Sigma Memory Jogger II                   The Creativity Tools Memory Jogger    
The Project Management Memory Jogger      The Lean Enterprise Memory Jogger     
The Memory Jogger 9000/2000                      Facilitation At A Glance      
The Problem Solving Memory Jogger             The Black Belt Memory Jogger  
The Design for Six Sigma Memory Jogger

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In addition, your Memory Jogger E-Library subscription includes:




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