Writing and Designing Your Brochure

The letter in a direct mail package is the "sell" piece. The brochure is the "show" piece. It's the salesman's sample case that allows us to show the product in use - however that may play out. It's the computer screens that show how a software package delivers data...the step-by-step "how to" illustrations.the real-as-a-roar color photo of the cheetah in a nature library; the luscious look of a lemon soufflé in a cookbook or magazine, the stark beauty of the Pyramids in a travel brochure.

The good news about the brochure is that you may not need one. The bad news is that about the only way to be sure is to test your package with it and without it, so you'll likely have to produce one in any case.

Direct sales brochures are more robust and involved than lead generation brochures, which are usually simple tri-folds designed to add credibility to the marketer. And, in case you're wondering, a brochure by itself is much less effective than a letter by itself.

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