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Routes to Entrepreneurial Success

A recent business publication featured a profile of a young man, Andrew Dixon, in Concord, NH who started his own business providing a variety of services to small businesses in the area. These include paper shredding, courier and delivery services. It is of particular poignance in this case because the young proprietor has autism. The [...]

Big Business for Small Business on the Web

In a previous article I mentioned CNET Networks and its subsidiary website, BNET. They recently  listed several web sites especially designed for small business as the Top Web Services of 2007, and since business folks rarely have the luxury of mousing around the web for the heck of it, we’ll report some of these items [...]

E-newsletters for Low Cost Promotion

How do you keep a prospect interested over the course of an 18-month sales cycle? How do you head off competitors’ inroads into the prospect while your sales rep is working through the steps in the meantime ? One answer being discovered by companies in every industry is the promotional newsletter — often used in [...]

Investing in Yourself for Fun and Profit

Even as the market shows signs of recovery, deciding where to invest with any degree of safety is a decision that challenges us all, including so-called “experts” from Warren Buffet to Jim Cramer. There is one investment, however, that makes good sense for small business owners in any market environment. Consider your business as your [...]

How to Maximize Your Marketing in a Down Economy

Has the economy got you paralyzed? Don’t know how to spend marketing dollars? Here from Dan Wilson of, are 6 tips that can pay off big for you. I have mentioned Web Marketing Today in this space before. This free newsletter’s home web site is — a treasure trove of small business marketing [...]

Old Workers Rule

If there’s one thing I’ve become acutely aware of the last several years, both personally and professionally, it’s the Amazing Shrinking Workforce challenging employers these days and the so-called “War for Talent” that’s bedeviling corporate recruiters and HR departments pretty much across the board – though some industries like healthcare are having a tougher time [...]

Backing Up Your Business Online

Q: What’s the latest news on any funding or tax incentives for small businesses? A: Stimulus incentives for small business continue to evolve with the following latest and greatest developments Funding opportunities and stimulus incentives for small business are evolving all the time, so we thought we’d check back with some sources we’ve reported on  [...]