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A List Selection Model

In constructing a test mailing from list data sheets, I use a letter-number system for prioritizing lists. Letters — A, B, C, etc. — designate how closely the list fits my customer profile. Since an exact fit would likely be available only from a direct competitor, and since they probably won’t rent to you, your [...]

Direct Mail Copywriting To Teachers

In true direct marketing tradition, we begin this article with a disclaimer. No one can teach you how to write. Whether writing is a talent or a skill is beyond me, except to say it’s likely a little of both. But, as guitar pickers say to colleagues who want to learn a tune, “I can’t [...]

Marketing to Seniors

If I were to sum up in a single phrase the way to produce successful direct mail programs when marketing to seniors, it would be, “cool it.”  From the envelope to the order card, seniors (loosely defined as people over 55 years of age) require more thoughtful approaches in a variety of areas. While many [...]

Sell Your Newsletter — by Giving It Away

Among the several subscription marketing methods used regularly by newsletter publishers and some magazines – is the “forced free trial” or FFT. However, the FFT is a rather specialized tool and should be used with caution, both because of the costs involved and the response dynamics inherent in newsletter marketing generally. As the name implies, [...]

Wp-Biz Buzz

Plumbing the Mysteries of SEO Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a critical element in successful electronic marketing, but frankly, to a tech spastic like me, it’s always been borderline witchcraft. Soooo, as on other occasions when faced with an important topic that I’m still learning about, I‘ve called upon an expert to sit in for [...]

Marketing with White Papers

From America’s largest corporations and most sophisticated marketers to solo service providers and single product marketers, one of the most popular and cost-effective methods of generating qualified leads in the business-to-business marketplace is the offer of a white paper. It’s called a white paper because it’s printed on …white paper. That is, it isn’t a [...]

PC Forecast: Cloudy

As a busy small business owner, you may not have heard yet of “cloud computing” – but it’s the latest hot topic among IT professionals. Among peers, cloud computing was ranked second on the list of the top 10 strategic technologies for 2009. To provide you with a heads up and get the story straight [...]

Online? Offline? So far it’s a mix of both as major marketers continue to move online to reach small and medium businesses, despite small businesses’ preference for some offline tactics

Last year a survey from Bredin Business Information gave a somewhat mixed message on media usage by major marketer targeting small to mid-sized businesses (SMBs). While they reported that major marketers targeting small and medium businesses (SMBs) are relying less on traditional marketing tactics because of the economic downturn, that’s still one of the top [...]

Turn Prospects into Customers and Keep Both in the Loop — with a Promotional Newsletter!

How long are the sales cycles for your company’s products? Three months? A year? Eighteen months? In today’s business-to-business marketplace, long lead times are the rule rather than the exception. And the higher the price point or the greater the complexity of your products, the longer their lead times will be. How do you keep [...]

Keep the dialog going with an e-newsletter

How do you keep a prospect interested over the course of an 18-month sales cycle? How do you head off competitors’ inroads into the prospect while your sales rep is working through the steps in the meantime ? One answer being discovered by companies in every industry is the promotional newsletter — often used in [...]