Marketing today is too costly to take chances

While no one can guarantee the success of any particular project, you’ll improve your odds of success by getting an experienced professional’s input before you launch.

You’ll be surprised how tweaking an offer or rephrasing a headline can clarify a message and boost response. Over the years, I’ve helped many marketers avoid expensive mistakes with a simple observation. I might even tell you your idea may not work as is, and save you the entire cost of the project!

Clearly define your USP – and make an irresistible offer!

More likely though, I’ll help you to more clearly define your proposition. With your OK, I’ll write or re-write your copy employing the interactive, power words of interactive marketing, whether it’s an email/landing page combination…a sales letter….a brochure…a complete direct mail package and more.

I’ll help you fine tune your offer so it stands out like a bright red apple down a beckoning country lane. And when I’m done, you’ll have a project at reasonable cost that you can launch with confidence.

It’s what I’ve done for companies large and small -- Fortune 500s to solo entrepreneurs -- for more than 30 years. Find out for yourself. Spend a few minutes with the samples on this site and call me at 603-924-3121 to discuss your next promotion.